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Animedao is the best free anime streaming website where you can watch English Subbed and Dubbed anime online. Here you can watch all genres of anime, from Shoujo Ai, Action, Samurai, to Romance or Comedy. You can stream the newest Anime series and follow your favorite characters.

All of the anime are updated latest, constantly so you definitely won’t miss anything on-trend at any given time. Not only can Animedao suit the needs of any type of audience, our anime movies, series are high quality with both Japanese and English.

More importantly, no payment is required. Within a few clicks, you have your favorite anime ready right in front of you. Animedoa is the top site for any anime lover. Browse our catalog to find the most exciting and popular anime.


The Legality of Animedao

Many countries banned downloading anime from unlicensed websites. Animedao strictly follows the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as we highly respect the ownership of all the anime streaming on our site.

We use our own Openload and Google servers to allow viewers to download videos.

The anime that are streaming on Anime are neither for commercial purposes nor redistribution to other third parties. As long as you only use the video downloaded from our site for your consumption, there should be no worry about the violation of copyright acts.

Animedao is Safe to Use

User privacy is one of our top priorities as we want to bring the best experience to anyone who comes to this website. You don’t have to register to watch an anime on us website. It's meaning we don’t take any kind of your personal information like name, phone number, credit card number, etc. without your consent.

But having a personalized experience, with a anime list tailored to your interests is a great benefit that we will always want to recommend to users. Once you have an account.

In this case, you will have to provide us with some of your personal information. These data are needed for us to bring the most suitable content to you. Besides, no other commercial activities will be carried out. You can always check our Privacy Policy before register.

How to Watch Anime at Anime dao?

To watch anime at this site, simply locate the search box, type down the name of the anime on the search box, and enjoy it yourself. Since many genres of anime are available on our site, you don’t have to waste time scouting all around the Internet.

Not only are we constantly catching up with ongoing trends from Japan, but our huge storage also allows you to access even the oldest anime. So you can have a good time watching classic, legendary series of anime.

Currently, animedao is only available on browsers. There is no app on mobile devices or other platforms for the site just yet.


What Happened to Animedao?

Because of the huge audience we have, many websites have been trying to replicate us with similar addresses or undirected links. Our previous site of animedao has been taken down.

Now, the official site of animedao is Always make sure you are on the right site, either not being taken advantage of by fake sites and protecting the official site like us.

Watching anime from website is safe. You don’t have to worry about having viruses or malware that may harm your computer. Only if you are on the wrong websites, can these incidents potentially happen.

Clicking on advertisements that appeared on this site is risk-free. To sustain and monetize the service, we will be running a few ads on this site. These ads carry no harmful content. If you click on them, you will just be directed to another link.

You can install an adblocker extension if you don’t want to see these ads or simply not click on any of them to prevent viruses or unwanted software from entering your devices.

Also, for your safety, please exit any site that has any of the following signs:

  • It forces you to open or download unidentified software before watching/downloading a video;
  • When you use the site, there is a separate tab that automatically opens.
  • Before you stream a video, it forces you to run a zip, rar, exe file.

These sites may contain trojans or viruses that risk your devices.

Common Issues When Watching & How to Fix

While watching anime on this webiste, you may encounter some issues. Here are how to fix them if it is in your case:

Can’t Download Anime On Phone: To download a video, you will have to go to the Mp4upload server first. You can access this server right on the website. Click the Download button on the right corner of the screen and there should be a directed page for you to download the video. There might be some cases where the video doesn’t run on the server, try to turn on your VPN (Virtual Private Network) and refresh the page.

Animedoa Not Work Or Not Play Video: If you can’t enter Anime dao or there is no video showing, here are a few things you can try out to troubleshoot:

  • Check your internet connection;
  • Make sure you are on an available server by checking its status, if not, switch to another server. There are always more than 1 or 2 servers on the Animedao website;
  • Try to clear cookies and caches of your browser;
  • Turn off any ad blocker extensions for website;
  • Restart or check your browser update versions;
  • If your current browser isn’t running, you can try other browsers like Safari, Opera, or Firefox.

Videos Aren’t Displayed Fullscreen: Try to refresh the Anime dao page or check whether or not your browser is updated. Sometimes this issue may show up because you are still running an adblocker extension on your browser. So turning them off may help.

Notable Features Of Animedao

Here are our current best features you will receive when using:

  • Viewers will have easy access to any kind of anime genres like Comedy, Romance, Action, Drama, Samurai, Shounen, and so on. Our videos are of excellent quality in full HD, with both Japanese and English subtitles available. Many anime also have English dubs. So, will be a perfect choice for any international fan.
  • There is neither payment nor registration required to watch an anime. All it takes is a few simple clicks, and you can enjoy your favorite anime for as long as you want.
  • Downloading and streaming videos is possible and legal. As long as you keep the files downloaded for personal use, no copyright act is violated. The downloading process is simple, virus-free and there are no suspicious software installations required.

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