Suite Precure

Suite Precure

The town of Kanemachi overflows with music. There lives Houjou Hibiki and Minamino Kanade, two childhood friends who have been together ever since they were very young. However, when they became middle-schoolers, for some reason they would argue with each other every time they meet.

One day, a fairy called Hami from Majorland, the Country of Music, appears before them. Hami requests of Hibiki and Kanade that they transform into Precure to protect the world from Mephisto, King of Evil. There is a legendary score, within which is written the “Melody of Fortune” and Mephisto plots to rewrite it into the “Melody of Misfortune”.Although Hibiki and Kanade are usually unable to see eye to eye on anything, in this matter their hearts are one, and a new Precure legend is born!

Status: Completed
Genre: , , ,
Episode: 48

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