Fuyu no Hi

Fuyu no Hi

Winter Days is an amazing, visually stunning collaboration of the greatest animation masters in the world joining forces to create a visual Renku, a style of poetry specific to Japan whereby composers write a poem as a group, each poet creating a different verse. Winter Days is taken from the famous Japanese poet Basho’s Seven Poetry Collection, the paradigm of the sho-fu style of haiku. Led by Kihachiro Kawamoto, Japan’s greatest puppet animator, thirty-five animators from Japan, China, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Netherlands, Canada, and Russia worked tirelessly to realize Winter Days, a thirty-six part Renku opening with delicious animation seamlessly flowing from one verse to the next before taking on the form of a documentary, illustrating behind the scenes interviews with the creators. Winter Days is a visual feast for animation and poetry lovers and those who embrace alternative and innovative approaches to the Renku art form.

Status: Completed
Episode: 1

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