Digimon Xros Wars

Digimon Xros Wars

One day, a Digimon Xros Loader appears before Taiki, an exceptionally warmhearted seventh grader, along with Shoutmon’s voice, asking for his help. The D Xros Loader is an essential item that is capable of transferring power to Digimon by means of “DigiXros”. He was chosen as a “General” to control it. Taiki and his friends are thrown into a parallel universe, the Digital World.

Due to the appearance of rival and enemy Digimon, the Digital World has been driven into a state of “Xros Wars”, a large-scale war with battles like those of the Sengoku period. Taiki and Shoutmon form a Digimon Army using the D Xros Loader and battle against formidable opponents with “DigiXros”.

Status: Completed
Episode: 79

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